The instructor has an infectious laugh and spirit and makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Highly recommended :)

- Josie M.

This was a great class! I especially loved the Fundamentals of Character Design lesson, Melissa uses some great examples. She also goes over some really great principals that I hadn't heard before.

- Brooke Glaser

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Instruction is excellent, references are swoon worthy. Her teaching style is wonderfully conversational and aspirational. Great class! Looking forward to the others she is going to share. Crash course away!

- Ashley Aliko

Really loved Melissa's relaxed way of presenting. It's almost as if she's sat beside you showing you her process rather than "lecturing" on the right way to do something which is a really nice approach. I'm pretty new to using photoshop so her tips will definitely come in handy.

- Natasha Chambers

LOVE this course - instructor actually does what few do - she explains how she gets from photo to cartoon and theory behind it - so I can do my own custom stuff - I really hope she does more character design courses!

- Anne Farrelly

Teacher was very fun, engaging, and full of joy, which made the learning process that much more enjoyable and easy to follow...Highly recommended!

- Josie M.

A very informative class that helps you step into learning about character design in a fun and inspiring way. Can't wait to get stuck in!

- Nina Mistry-Rhoades

I admit, when I first saw how short the lesson about the actual construction of a face was, I didn't expect all that much to come out of it. But boy was I wrong :O This class has helped me a lot! Thank you :)

- Sam Kasbian

The class gives a very good basis to understanding face drawing. The explanations are short and to the point, with clear visual examples. I love the downloadable materials that sum everything up in a great visual way. Thank you!

- Noa Regev

You will learn so much great information!

- Blenda Tyvoll